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March 14, 2016

Drawing Competition 2016

A drawing competition was held at MET Technologies on 30th January 2016. Close to 50 participants from several processes participated using crayons, water colors etc. The topic was given that the drawing must be an abstract art. Our Managing Director Mr Kunal Gupta said such contest are an excellent way of expressing participants hidden wishes, desires and dreams in the form of art. All of the participants tried their level best to give their best performance. The entire competition was organized in a very well mannered.  
After a week results were declared where Abhirup Chowdhury From Web Team stood first,  Pritha Das from UK Survey came second and Sushmita Patra Dey Sarkar who also belongs to the Web Team stood third. As a token of appreciation they were provided with a certificate and memento. All three were very happy as they showed that not only they can handle office work but side by side they also have skill and talent in extracurricular activities.

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