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February 27, 2019

Work Hard, Party Harder – A Glimpse of MET Events

MET Technologies believe in the fact – “All work and no Play makes Jack a dull boy” and therefore alongside work there are a lot of fun events organized for the employees. After a hectic week, the employees are offered a scope to enjoy on almost every Fridays and all special days that calls for a celebration. Recently we had a selfie clicking competition wherein a selfie corner was created by the extremely talented HRs. The selfie zone had a pretty decoration and a box crafted exclusively for the employees to click pictures. This was the initiative taken on Valentine’s day to mark the day with love and laughter.


Apart from this, there are several other activities designed for employees like no fire cooking competition. The employees were divided into a group of three people each and had an entire table laid with Nestle products like – chocolate sauce, noodles, fresh creams, sprouts, breakfast cereals, healthy veggies like – bell peppers, onion, boiled potatoes and more. The employees with their culinary skills and imaginations used ingredients from the items laid on the table and “cooked” recipes without fire! The competition was colourful with exciting and healthy foods on the menu. The winners got a prize which included Nestle products like – coffee, ice tea, pasta, Maggi, morning cereals and sauces.


There is a date decided at the end of each month when the employees are called together and the ones who had their birthdays on that particular month cut the cake together thus having an eventful evening. Stay tuned to our website to delve deeper into the eventful Fridays and take a look at the events that are organized on a weekly basis! Apart from the competitions mentioned aforesaid, there are various other upcoming events in the coming months for example – badminton, chess, cake baking, cricket and other competition arranged by the management thus making the workplace better for others.

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