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February 17, 2017

68th Republic Day Celebrations – 26th January, 2017

Met believes in working hard and partying harder. We believe that a happy person is the most productive one. A person can develop fully only when the environment is conducive for the growth of an individual. There should always be a right balance between work and fun so that work never becomes boring to a person. As a happy soul functions the best, so we keep on ideating activities that will release the stress of an individual. Met boasts of a meditation and recreation room. Recreation Room is the hub of games and amusing activities. Meditation helps to improve concentration and hence improves the performance of an individual. There is not even a single dull moment in Met. Apart from the monthly birthday celebrations and activities for fun on Fridays, there is also an endeavor to organize activities that will keep the employees charged. On that day in order to motivate the employees’ prizes were announced for the Best Dressed Male and Female. There was a tough fight between the contenders and after a grueling fight, the winners were finally chosen. The winners were chosen on the following grounds:

• Presentation
• Conviction of the employees

The winners for Best Dressed Male were given to Abhishek Bawri and Shyam Kumar. The winners for Best Dressed Female were given to Pinky Joseph and Shilpa Debnath. We would like to thank all our employees and congratulate the winners for making this event a huge success. Throughout the year a number of fun-filled events are being organized by the HR Dept. We love sports too and Met Technologies is presently gearing up for a Cricket Tournament. There are immense areas of growth for the employees both inside and outside the organization.

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