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April 5, 2019

Highlights from the Combat of Rackets at MET Technologies

It is said that “If we dare to win, we should dare to lose” and so was the sportsman spirit of each individual who amalgamated as the decided venue and showcases their talent to play with the rackets! MET Technologies organized a badminton competition – BEAT THE BIRDIE and the finals were exciting than ever thought before! BEAT THE BIRDIE was a community effort from Met Technologies to welcome the summer with the spirit of sportsmanship and friendly competition. In that, we are proud to say we have had some memorable moments from the event, to keep us company until the next competition is announced. Apart from praising the teams’ members and their spirits, we would also like to thank all the audience present at the venue and cheering for their favourite team.


There was a total of 10 teams who directly combatted each other to reach the finale. The first game was held on 9th of March at the Rosedale Complex.

After the DAY 1 Match, 5 teams were selected who made their way through thick and thins to reach the Finals. The teams who showcased their excellence to become the best of all were namely –

Bad Smashers

1. Kunal Gupta
2. Aditya Gupta

Birdie Bashers

1. Carmel De Rosario
2. Rintu Kumar


1. Arindam Dutta
2. Shubhadeep Chowdhury

Digi Smash

1. Partha Sarathi Das
2. Kumaresh Biswas

The Burning Bird

1. Mainak Das
2. Abhijit Biswas


The nail-biting finale of our BEAT THE BIRDIE initiative 2019 has been a roaring success. After a hard-fought finish, our winners stand as follows:


Team Mobirox: Arindam Dutta, Shubhadeep Chowdhury


Bad Smasher: Aditya Gupta, Sandipan Dutta


Birdie Smasher: Carmel de Rosario, Rintu Kumar

Man of the Tournament

Aditya Gupta


We congratulate the winners for their success, and the others for their positive, athletic efforts in this Badminton tournament. The grand success of the badminton completion, of course, urges for a competition next year as well. We look forward to the whole-hearted competition of the METians in the same.

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