By MetEvent

August 15, 2015

Independence Day Celebration 2015

On 15th August 2015 MET celebrated Independence Day. Though every year MET celebrate the day, nonetheless the enthusiasm was quite obvious. The entire office was decorated with tri colors balloons and flags which evoked the patriotic feelings in everyone.

To make the event a success it was obligatory for all to wear traditional dress. The interest was in full and the sentiment patriotism could be found in everyone. As a piece of festivity we had an extraordinary lunch for all. Everybody savored the same.

The occasion began with every one of us singing our National Anthem. This was trailed by an uncommon Quiz competition based on Independence Day and which had chocolates as prize for the right answer. It got an extremely hearting reaction. Everyone took an interest and heaps of prizes were disseminated. Traditionally dressed men and ladies were likewise granted with a chocolate.

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