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August 22, 2019

Independence Day Celebration at MET

Freedom is always earned and when it is earned in the way our country did after fighting for over a century, it is sweeter and more special. At MET we are always striving to better for our country through our work and prowess in the IT sector in various parts of the world.
Our expansion and coming in touch with foreign culture have only made us appreciate our country more. Hence, Independence Day is not just an occasion for us. It is a day of making promises to our country and reflecting upon the promises we made the previous year. It is also a day we celebrate with pomp, grandeur and lots of fun.
On the occasion of the Independence Day, the National Flag was hoisted by Mr Kishore Kr. Gupta, father of our bespoke leader Mr Kunal Gupta and he was accompanied by our Director of Operations (BPO) Mrs Nandini Gupta. Flag hoisting took place at our Ecospace unit and was followed by sweet distribution.
To celebrate the occasion, we decided to explore the incredibly diverse culture of our beloved country. Each department chose a state to represent and they wore the traditional attire from that region. For one day, MET was turned into the miniature version of our country where diverse people and culture co-exist together in harmony.
The day brought an opportunity to give our creativity wings. Each department worked diligently and came up with their own versions of Vande Mataram. When presented, their effort was impressive, to say the least.

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