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May 22, 2019

Management Birthday Bash At MET

“The mark of a true visionary is his ability to imagine the future and act on it, yielding great results in the process and then using this success for the benefit of others.”

— Anonymous.


The month of May was all for celebration and birthdays of the mentors at Met Technologies. Three important pillars of MET Technologies had their birthdays this month – Sourav Daga – Chief Financial Officer had his birthday on 12th May. He shared his birthday with another pillar of the company devoid whom the SEZ unit remains dull. It is none other than Mr Arijit Paul, the Managing Director of Fitser (IT/ITES).

Followed by the birthday of born leader– Kunal Gupta – The founder and Chairman of MET Group of Companies. We celebrated his birthday on the 14th of May. The eve of these auspicious days was celebrated with a small treat from Red Bull. A can of red bull for each employee was distributed in the Godrej Waterside office and SEZ – Candor Techspace office. The birthdays were marked with cake cutting and distribution to the employees as well. The employees rejoiced the days since birthdays are always special and when it is of the most loved mentor nothing can stop them from the enjoyment.

We once again wish Mr Kunal Gupta, Mr Arijit Paul and Mr Sourav Daga Thanks to all of you for being a great boss. Happy birthday!

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