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September 24, 2019

MET Gets Together to Worship Viswakarma, the God of Machinery

Viswakarma Puja 2019 was celebrated at the SEZ unit of MET Technologies. The day dawned bright and early. Everyone associated with MET reached office in ethnic wear creating the perfect ambiance for celebration. The idol of God was brought before and a lot of time and effort was spent to decorate the whole office, especially the area where the puja was taking place.

Everything regarding the puja was done by us, apart from actually performing the ceremony. It was a unique and gratifying experience to be decked in ethnic-wear and traditional jewellery, helping with the arrangement. From sorting flowers and other necessary supplies to preparing plates of fruit and sweets (known as “naibadya” and “blog”), offering Anjali, waiting for the “Hawan” to be completed and getting the much-coveted “Tika” and so on. The whole time was filled with a divine touch.

After the puja was over, it was time to take photos in the glory of wearing ethnic and having fun. The photo-session was followed by the distribution of Prasad and sweets. The day was full of fun where everyone at MET forgetting their position and designation, came together to worship the God of machinery.

The next day was time for Visarjan and we all were feeling quite heavy-hearted but the promise of the next year was there to keep us going. The “Dadhikarma” was also a delicious distraction to help us move and look forward towards the next fun event MET has planned for us.

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