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February 17, 2017

Rasgulla Competition 2017

Rasgulla is a famous Indian sweet and its origin can be traced back to the 13th century. It was invented in Puri and till date, the female Goddess Laxmi is served rasgulla on the lat day of the annual Rath Jatra festival. This is a 700-year-old tradition, which is known as Niladri Bijay. Another set of people believes that Nobin Chandra Das invented the spongy rasgulla in Bengal. He mixed chenna and semolina to produce rasgullas but many claim that he just modified the traditional rasgulla recipe of Puri, Orissa. This sweet slowly gained popularity in Bengal due to the efforts of Bhagwan Das Bagla who ordered huge amounts of it and helped in spreading the word beyond the boundaries of Sutanti(Present day Shyambazar and its adjoining areas).

In order to ensure equal participation from all departments a girl and a boy were picked from each. The Rasgulla competition at Met comprised of six groups: Management Mughals, Digital Marketing Dazzlers, Die Hard Developers, Spectacular Sales, Software Spikes and Ignited Inbound. The group Powerpuff Girls and Desi Boys were wild card entries in the competition. After a strong fight, three people were declared as the winners. The winner was Pringal from Digital Marketing Dazzlers, 1st Runner-Up was Arpita from Spectacular Sales Team and 2nd Runner-Up was Sudeshna from the group which was a wild card entry; Powerpuff Girls. We believe in celebrating every moment of our lives. At Met, we try to organize activities to boost up the mood of our employees. The sole motive is to create enough scopes for the growth of the employees both inside and outside the organization. Recently a Sketch your boss competition was held as a part of Friday Fun activity. Presently, Met is looking forward to the cricket tournamentand our team is practicing hard for it day and night. Met is a place where you will not only cultivate your professional skills but also develop your extracurricular activities.

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